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C U Soon. (2020)

The innovative script, real emotions, and powerful performances make it a must watch !!!

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted severe restrictions on movie industry, but nothing can hold back the innovative minds and the power of cinema is on full swing here. The announcement of C U Soon itself came as a big surprise as I haven’t even heard of such a movie during its development. I was eagerly waiting for the release of Malik from Mahesh Narayan- Fahadh combo, but the project has been delayed due to the prevailing pandemic situation. But the actor-director duo truly sprung a surprise with this announcement. From the trailer it was evident that this is going to be a tense thriller told through screens and it was already starting to draw comparison with Searching(2018) which is told in much the same way. But once you finish watching this you will realise this has a unique storyline and immense depth.

C U Soon starts with an online dating relationship between Jimmy (Roshan Mathew) and Anumol Sebastian (Darshana Rajendran) and is mostly set in the Middle East. Things develop very fast and Jimmy informs his desire to marry Anu to his mother ( Mala Parvathy). She seeks the help of Kevin, Jimmy’s techie cousin who knows how to snoop on people, to do some background checks on Anu. We might have already developed some doubts about Anu by that time, but Kevin gives a go ahead after a brief check. Things become complicated when Anu mysteriously disappears. We know a few things about Jimmy and his relations but we don’t know much about Anu yet. Her backstory is not even known to Jimmy, and it all unfold slowly and brilliantly through Kevin’s investigation via laptop and mobile phone screens and CCTV footages.

The makers were really successful in keeping the viewers guessed till the end. Some highly sophisticated technologies are on display here, but the story and characters have the emotional depth to keep us focused and the tension filled narrative and the slick editing keeps us on our toes. The script deals with real people and their emotions, and that’s where the movie becomes so compelling to watch. Even the movie doesn’t spoon feed you with its ending and it ends in optimism rather than a full-blown happy ending.

Fahadh, Roshan Mathew and Darshana Rajendran occupies most of its runtime and their reactions and expressions are what keeping us emotionally involved through out. Even though the narrative doesn’t spend much time in developing their characters, they all hold immense familiarity with which we can connect easily. The actors have done it ever so brilliantly to keep it all natural.

C U Soon is an experimental film which has a format which is never attempted in Indian Cinema, but it simply proves much more than that. The innovative script, real emotions, and powerful performances make it a must watch !!!

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