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Anjaam Pathira(2020)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

A well executed edge of the seat thriller!!

Anjaam Pathira opens with a scene where consulting criminologist Anwar Hussain(Kunjakko Boban) visits Serial killer Ripper Ravi(Indrans) for one of his researches on criminal psychology. I immediately fell in love with the start as it reminded me of one of my favourite series ‘Mindhunter’ and the behavioural science unit of FBI. I don’t really remember seeing a similar scene in a Malayalam movie before. Yes! Just how I wanted my movie to start.

Anwar Hussain helps the city police frequently with his insights into various cases and ACP Anil Madhavan(Jinu Joseph) is his close friend. When a DYSP in town is abducted and later found dead, an investigation team is setup with DCP Catherine(Unnimaya) heading it. Anwar Hussain and Anil Madhavan were part of the team. Soon a few more police officers gets killed in the same manner hinting at a serial killer targetting police officers. When the killer starts manipulating the visuals from CCTVs, a hacker named Andrew(Sreenath Bhasi) is roped into the team by Anwar.

The investigation team’s struggle and race against time to find the killer is depicted with a tight script and slick editing. The colour tone and the visuals by Shyju Khalid were top class and the background score by Sushin Shyam is just breathtaking at times. Midhun Manuel Thomas’s script and overall treatment makes it an edge of the seat thriller. After some pulsating turn of events, finally we gets to know about the serial killer and his motive. Even though usage of ‘Neethi Devatha’ (Goddess of Justice) at the crime scenes does hint at the killer being someone who has been denied justice, the revelation of his past was heart breaking. The killer’s backstory and the motive gives an extra mileage to the whole story.

I have never seen Kunjakko Boban with so much intensity in his eyes before. Jinu Joseph, and Sreenath Bhasi were really good. Unnimaya Prasad gives a different body language and mannerism to DCP Catherine. Indrans in his brief role as Ripper Ravi was splendid and looked like a character that can be written in detail on screen. Rest of the cast delivers a decent job as well.

A taut thriller with a well executed narrative, Anjaam Pathira is surely one of the best crime thrillers Malayalam industry has produced!!

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