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Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Avoidable.. !

‘Anweshanam’ is a 2020 thriller film directed by Prashobh Vijayan, with Jayasurya in the lead. Movie starts in exciting fashion with police receiving a call from a lady with suspicion of child abuse, regarding a boy who was admitted to one of the famous hospitals in town with injuries after falling from the stairs. The police were quickly onto the investigation, lead by a pregnant officer Kavitha(Leona Lishoy). The mystery starts when the versions of hospital staffs, the parents and their family friend who came along with the injured kid, about the incident had evident mismatches. The things gets more complicated when the kid dies at the hospital.

For the entire first half, the treatment was thrilling, with dark color tone and mystery revolving around the characters. But the script loses the grip towards the second half, changes into to a totally emotional affair and ends up with a totally uninspiring climax. Granted, there ought to be lots of emotions running when a kid is dead and parents had to go through lots of Q and A sessions, but too much melodrama in a thriller which was totally not in sync with the first half completely kills the mood. Even the actors struggle to give convincing emotions, with plot hovering around.

To conclude, ‘Anweshanam’ turns out to be an avoidable movie even though the first half of the movie did look promising!

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I am a healthcare professional. An ardent movie lover. Writing about movies forever has been an obsession.

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