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Gauthamante Radham(2020)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

One time watch!!

Neeraj Madhav is a charming person and I always love to see him on screen. I wanted to watch ‘Gauthamante Radham’ in theatres, but could only watch it in Amazon Prime.

The story revolves around Gautham and his dream of owning a car. But much to his dismay, he ended up with a tata nano as his father preferred not to spend too much on a car. Even though all his friends make fun of him for owning it, he had to continue to using it. His life journey and the role of the car in this journey form the rest of the plot.

Neeraj Madhav and rest of the acting department did a decent job. The songs are beautifully composed by Ankit Menon. The song ‘Uyire’ sung by Sid Sreeram is one of the recent addition to ‘my favourites’ playlist. The Anand Menon movie is beautifully picturised and has the heart in the right place, but the final material appears to be too stretched for its content, negatively affecting the overall charm.

The movie is trying to explore the connection between a man and his first vehicle, and how even the smallest of things in life could give you memmories that would be cherished forever in your life. Even though the movie had its occassional moments and the relationship between Gautham and his grandmother is heart warming, it becomes too melodramatic towards the end, and finally ends up just about average.

By sreenathjvm

I am a healthcare professional. An ardent movie lover. Writing about movies forever has been an obsession.

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