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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Fahadh’s acting masterclass and the technical brilliance makes it a totally worthy watch !!

Anwar Rashid, one of the briiliant filmmakers we have at present, decides to ride through a path which the filmmakers often fears to choose, that is taking on god-men. A movie which is sure to irritate a lot of believers, but may be succeeds on more cinematic fronts than that.

Trance is about the journey of Viju Prasad(Fahadh Fasil) from a struggling motivational speaker in Kanyakumari to one of the most sought after christian Pastor, Joshua Carlton. Viju’s past is a very disturbed one with his mother committing suicide in his childhood leaving him with his younger brother, Kunjan. Both the kids survive, but Kunjan grows on to become mentally unstable and finally commits suicide. After this incident, a devastated Viju flees to Mumbai to forget his past. But the past haunted him continuously, throwing him into depression. However, he gets a lifeline when a corporate group, teamed up by Solomon(GVM) and Isaac(Chemban Vinod), gets to him and he is hired to act as a Pastor who does miracles. Viju then becomes, Pastor Joshua Carlton, after getting training from Avarachan(Dileesh Pothan).

The film has three faces. Viju’s initial struggles, his growth as Pastor Joshua and then the trance he himself gets into before finally coming back to his senses. Religion and Drugs become synonyms here, the religious overdose puts the blind followers in deep trance just like what drug does to Pastor Joshua. The script by Vincent Vadakkan uses Fahadh Fasil completely, evokes variety of emotions in the viewers through out with some fine narrative skills. He gives the license to the viewers in the third face, where viewers can have their own interpretations, like with the character Esther Lopez played by Nazriya.

Fahadh Fasil completely owns the film as all his acting prowess were used. Initial struggles of Viju, his transition to Pastor Joshua and then to the final depressing stages of Pastor Joshua, it was a complete package, an acting master class !! Rest of the actors chip in as well, but Soubin fails to do justice to his journalist character Mathew Varghese. Anward Rashid’s film is extremely rich technically, with some breathtaking visuals by Amal Neerad. The background score by Sushin Shyam and Sound design by Rasool Pookkutty are evidently top notch.

On the whole, Trance surely will be a great experience to its viewers with Fahadh Fasil, and the entire technical crew in fine form.

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I am a healthcare professional. An ardent movie lover. Writing about movies forever has been an obsession.

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