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Unbelievable (2019)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A powerful, utterly compelling watch !!

My recently started and ever growing relationship with TV-series is in full swing and the 2019 Netflix limited series flick “Unbelievable” is the newest addition to that list. If I have to consider a movie to be truly a remarkable one it has to evoke all of the human emotions in its span of time. “Unbelievable” was one such experience. We all have seen number of serial rapists, lived through the investigations and experienced the satisfaction of finally catching the predator, yet this one stands tall for It is written and scripted with great compassion and you won’t sit through without literally crying on many occasions.

The series starts with a police investigation in 2008, on the rape of a teenager named Marie Adler. Visuals clearly show us the trauma Marie went through and how shattered she is after the incident. The way the officials deal with the questioning of the victim who went through several hours of trauma was the real shocker. First, She had to explain the whole incident over and over again, from whatever bits and pieces she remembered about it, to different departments of the investigating team. Then, they linked the small mismatches in her explanations and her disturbed past to come up with the idea that she might have made up the whole story for getting attention. She was, finally forced into a false confession. The officials close her case and the whole community saw her as a liar and her life will never be the same. The director buries the viewer in the depth of helplessness in the initial hour of this.

But, wait.. The scene now changes to 2011, to another state where a lady detective, Karen Duvall is investigating a similar rape case of a woman named Amber. The way Duvall handles the victim, understanding the trauma she went through, with empathy and utmost care was a highly satisfying one after the initial stress viewer had to go through. Duvall is on the investigation, and when she learns there’s a similar investigation into a rape is underway with Grace Rasmussen in charge, approaches her and they collaborate their investigations. Duvall is very soft, but Rasmussen is entirely the opposite character. But when it comes to questioning a victim they both show the same kind of compassion towards them. Their pursuit for this monster, who hardly seems to leave any kind of evidence with any of the victims, covers the rest of the plot.

Kaitlyn Dever excels as Marie Adler and the viewers are able to connect with her emotions right from the word go. The veteran Investigator Grace Rasmussen is safe in the hands of Toni Collette, from body language to the variations she brings in as an actor. But the star of the show really was Merritt Wever, who was outstanding as the soft and tender Detective Duvall. The supporting actors did their part really well and made sure there were not many over dramatic moments in the whole story. I have already mentioned how well directed the movie is. The directors were able to show the trauma undergone by the victims without really showing too much violence or melodrama which could easily have been the case like in so many other movies in the same genre. The viewers are given the hope that Marie could eventually get justice which was destroyed by the world around her, by brilliantly switching between the investigation and after-rape sequences of Marie.

The series is filled with scenes that will moist your eyes. But the real one comes when Marie opens up during her visit to a counselor towards the end. The way detective Dovall questions Amber after the rape will forever remain as one of my favorite scenes in any movie. I am sure, One wouldn’t find too many negatives here, except may be for a few of the cliched interactions between the detectives. But, trust me you won’t even be thinking about it while watching.

“Unbelievable” portrays heart wrenching experiences of rape victims in the most respectable way and successfully depicts how the outcome of a rape investigation can be different depending on the way the victims are treated. All in all, this is a truly rewarding watch and I recommend this to every serious series-lovers out there. Must watch folks !!

By sreenathjvm

I am a healthcare professional. An ardent movie lover. Writing about movies forever has been an obsession.

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