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Sufiyum Sujathayum(2020)

Visually and musically beautiful, but the uneventful narrative fails to connect to the viewer!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The first Malayalam movie to have an exclusive OTT release, Sufiyum Sujathayum tells the love story of young mute Kathak dancer Sujatha and a Sufi saint.

Their love story is told as a flash back from the present, where Sufi passes away during his prayer at the mosque while Sujatha is seen as the wife of an NRI Rajeev, in Dubai. Sujatha hasn’t recovered from her lost love even after 10 years and the news of the demise of Sufi devastates her. Rajeev takes her back to the village to attend the funeral, but couldn’t reach in time and Sujatha couldn’t even visit the grave as females are not allowed inside. The exploration into their lost love forms the heart of the story.

The movie doesn’t have too many dialogues and the director tries to talk to us through the visuals and the music. Even though the fascinating visuals by Anu Moothedath and the soothing music by M. Jayachandran do create a mood, it fails to connect to the viewer. The mute interactions and exchanges of the two protagonists are often uninspiring and the build up to the climax is largely uneventful. Though there was mention of ‘love jihad’ on a couple of occasions, the movie doesn’t go to any of those complexities. It is hard to believe that the movie is directed by someone who has given us National award nominated Karie, which portrayed the deep rooted caste system in our society with great clarity and accuracy.

Aditi Rao is stunningly beautiful and she gives an ok performance as the mute and innate dancer. Dev Mohan as Sufi is strictly passable. The experienced star cast, consisting of Siddique, Jayasurya, Mamukkoya, Kalrajini and Valsala Menon, doesn’t have much to do here.

To conclude, Sufiyum Sujathayum doesn’t offer anything exciting in its narrative though the visuals and music are soaring at times.

Language : Malayalam Streaming on : Amazon Prime

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