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7500 (2020)

The realistic narrative coupled with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s powerful central performance make it engaging, even though the premise is quite familiar!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt starer 7500 is yet another movie based on plane hijack theme. A few terrorists, who were on-board, attacks the cockpit of a flight and hijacks the plane and you will soon start wondering what difference could the director Patrick Vollrath bring here to engage us.

The movie starts with Tobias Ellis starting his routine, this time as a co-pilot of Airbus A319 flight, before a group of terrorists on-board storms the cockpit severely injuring the Captain. Tobias has to keep his calm and land the plane at the nearby airport to save the passengers and the cabin crew which includes his wife, while negotiating with the terrorists. There is surely not much to boast of in terms of the content here, but still the director keeps us engaged by realistic visuals and raw emotions.

The movie is shot almost entirely in the cockpit of the flight and it focuses on Tobias and how well he reacts to the situation at hand. Filled with plenty of close up shots of Gordon-Levitt, Patrick Villrath makes use of the actor in him to full extend. The director completely avoids background score, and uses only sound design to aid his visuals. Even breathing of the characters is used at times, capturing the emotions and tension of the situation effectively in the constrained space of a cockpit. Joseph Gordon-Levitt carries the movie almost single handedly. There is no overblown heroism on show here and the actor’s controlled acting brings realism to his portrayal of Tobias.

Even with all these positive, there may be a feeling that the total run time of the movie could have been cut short by a few minutes as the final passage felt to be a little bit stretched and the end is not quite compelling for an edge of the seat thriller. But the realistic approach coupled with the powerful central performance from Gordon-Levitt makes it quite an engaging watch.

Language : English. Streaming on : Amazon Prime

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