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Wild Wild Country (2018)

A breathtaking docuseries in which the events unfold in epic proportions in front of you and you truely have to see it to believe it!!

Wild Wild Country unravels the mysterious tale of Bhagwan shree Rajaneesh, later known as Osho, and his disciples. The story of Bhagwan’s humble beginning, his evergrowing followers known as the Rajneeshees, the lesser-known or the largely forgotten tale of Bhagwan’s relocation to the city of Oregon from India, under the watchful eyes of his disciple and Secretary Ma Anand Sheela and the frenzied period of conflicts between Rajneeshees and the local ranchers during their stint at Oregon are shown through the eyes of outsiders and the insiders which include Ma Anand Sheela herself.

The show has given space to both the sides almost equally and doesn’t want to dictate the viewer what is right and what is wrong. But the darkness of that time looms in every minute of the series.
The narrations, and some of the original footages are woven together brilliantly by some outstanding editing by Neil Meiklejohn. The music department can not be forgotten. The right mixture of OST and other tracks add to the mood of the narrative superbly. Directed by Chapman Way and Mclain Way, the making of this series is done quite remarkably to keep the suspense going till the end making it really addictive, a totally binge worthy one at that!

I feel the less you know about the back story of Osho, better will be your experience. So, I am not going into any detail as I don’t want to spoil the experience of anyone who is reading this. I didn’t have a clue about Osho’s back story and it all unfolded in mind blowing fashion in front of me. I was quite late to catch up with the show but better late than never. It is that good!

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