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Saving Private Ryan(1998)

A movie which doesn’t need any introduction among cinephiles, a movie which is still considered to be the the best war movie even after 22 years of its release, a movie that masterfully captured our emotions through its breathtaking visual storytelling. You will run out of words to describe this masterpiece!

Following the Normandy landing on D-day 1944, Capt. Miller and his men who survived the horrors were asked to go on a mission to find and bring home Pvt. Ryan who was the only surviving son of a mother, out of four. The story works as it searches for some humanity amidst all chaos.

Its famous opening 28 minutes sequence which shows the horrors faced by the US troop as they went ashore in Normandy on D-day 1944, will be one of the monumental efforts in the history of war movies. It was one of the most realistic of war sequences, there was no heroism on show, no melodrama, it was only about survival. Spielberg never showed a famous face in those 28 minutes sequence, instead he remarkably chose to show these soldiers as faceless. It captured the disturbing visuals of thousands of terrified soldiers walking into an inferno of German fire, in great detail.

For the sound editing, original WW II weapons were used to make the film more authentic. The visuals of D-day sequence were intentionally bleached out to recreate the images of 1940s. From the quest for Private Ryan to finally finding him, Spielberg succeeded in making a technically brilliant film which could emotionally speak to the viewers about men in a battlefield. The movie never had to give lectures about what war brings. It was there for the viewers to visually experience.

Saving Private Ryan massively renewed the interest in WW II among filmmakers after its release. There are huge number of war films that followed its path which tried to show the chaos of war. While most of the new war movies are being discussed for their technical brilliance rather than the emotional core of it, Saving Private Ryan’s war sequences were horrific and gruesome and Spielberg never loses the emotional grip of the tragic scenes to the technical brilliance.

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I am a healthcare professional. An ardent movie lover. Writing about movies forever has been an obsession.

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