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Kala(2021): ‘Bloody’ Action thriller about battle of differences!!

Rohith V S is at it again with another experiment, after his decent attempts in Adventures of Omanakkuttan and Iblis. This time he has come up with an out and out action thriller that has expert craftsmanship written all over it.

Kala’s storyline is a single day event and it revolves around an upper class family of landowners and a few daily wage workers on their farm. One of them, ‘tamilian’ as called by others, has some scores to be settled with Shaji, the farm owner Ravi’s son, from a past incident. Shaji is a selfish and reckless man who brims with masculinity and elitism. The thamilian’s revenge and Shaji’s ego clashes and it turns a bloodbath soon.

The movie starts with plenty of flamboyant shots, sudden sound variations, abrupt cuts to create a sense of fear in the viewers, probably the only thing I didn’t quite enjoy in the movie. But things changes real soon, and it turns to be a truly thrilling cinematic experience. The fight scenes were bloody and raw, camera dancing and jumping with the two men, and a pulse pounding Rock track to add to it. Tovino and Sumesh Moor (tamilian) looked even ready to die, showing real dedication and passion. They were truly successful in showing us the inner devils inside their characters. Mobile or laptop view may not give the true taste of these outrageous action sequences. So, watch it big and loud as far as you can!

Kala, in its true sense, is a battle of differences. There were several of those. Amidst the battle of classes that lingers for the entirity of the movie, there are battles of power, money, and sexes as well. Shaji’s elitist ego doesn’t allow him to relate with the loss of the Tamilian. Even the love for his dog is a part of him showing his elitism. He considers his dog ‘Cone Corso’ to be of superior breed compared to other dogs. Whereas, tamizhan wants his revenge for his dog which was killed by Shaji for some unknown pleasure. Their battle represented the fight of classes, where Shaji fights to stamp his superiority and the Tamilian fights for his dignity. Then there is deep tension between Ravi and Shaji, with Ravi having money and power in the house. Shaji has to depend on Ravi for all his financial needs. Then there is Vidya, Shaji’s wife, who doesn’t seem to have any voice among these two dominating men. She fears them and has to wait for their permission to do anything. All these tensions and battles end with characters reaching a stage of self realisation by the time we reach the climax. We also learn that every Villain has a hero inside as advertised by the movie.

Kala is an expertly crafted ‘bloody’ action cum survival thriller with chest thumping action sequences, insane camera moves, and breathtaking visuals. It duels on the politics of differences, but it is easy to miss atleast some of it due to its sheer technical brilliance. A must watch for Action movie enthusiasts !!!

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