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Cinema Bandi(2021) : A movie full of Innocence, fun and hope!!

Writer-director Praveen Kandregula’s debut venture Cinema Bandi is a delightful little movie with full of innocence, fun and hope. It is a story of an entire village lining up behind an auto rickshaw driver to make a movie when he comes upon an expensive shooting camera at the back of his auto.

When Veerababu gets the camera, he thinks of selling or renting it to pay off his debt on his auto. But later he comes across a tv program on movies which said low budget movies from newcomers are making millions and are the trendsetters these days. It makes him decide to make a movie using his camera which can change his and his villagers’ fortunes for the good. He gets the company of his friend Ganapathi, a small time still photographer. Their journey of filmmaking starts with absolutely no knowledge about the backend work that goes into a movie, but we keep rooting for them as their heart is in the right place.

We lineup behind them just like his family and the entire village. When the family struggles to meet their daily expenses as Veerababu was busy with shooting, we were hoping for the mother of all clichés that his wife take up a daily wage job as in the movie. Cinema Bandi is full of hope and looks like it wants to make the language of filmmaking accessible to the masses.

They encounter funny incidents one after the other through out their journey and that’s what is keeping the movie fresh and alive. Them trying circular tracking shot by running around and high angle shots by raising the cameraman sitting on a Bullock cart were truly laugh-out-loud moments. A neighborhood kid having to point out the director and photographer about them taking the same sequence with different costumes and their lead actress eloping with her boyfriend while shooting was under progress were some of the most hilarious situations. The comic timing shown by each of the actors were impeccable, be it Vikas Vasista as the auto driver Veera Babu, Sandeep Varanasi as his photographer friend Ganapathi, or our lead actor Marideah Babu done by Rag Mayur. Uma YG as the street smart Manga who came as substitute for the eloped actress also gave a superb feat.

Cinema Bandi is an endearing comedy with its heart in the right place!!

Streaming on : Netflix, Language : Telugu

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