Army of the dead(2021) : Little too long for a zombie thriller but not short of entertainment!!

Not everyone likes Zombie movies and for anyone to like them they should be ready for some mindless fun while keeping their logic at home. If you are ok with these, Army of the dead can give you genuine entertainment filled with action, fun, sudden twists along with some cool tracks and splendid VFX. Zack Snyder, who is not a stranger to Zombie movies, has added his own reinventions to the Zombies genre as well.

The movie starts with a splendid opening sequence which starts at sunset on a desert highway and a US convoy is carrying a mysterious cargo. Soldiers were busy discussing the content of the cargo while a car with a just-married couple in it, smashes into the convoy. The convoy’s cargo, a zombie weapon with senses, escapes as a result, killing and infecting the soldiers. Soon City of Las Vegas’s huge population is infected by the zombies and the govt quarantines the entire city. Military has decided to deploy a nuclear strike on the city while a group of mercenaries plan on a heist to recover 200 million dollars from a casino inside the zone. Yes! Snyder makes a heist thriller out of a Zombie movie. More over he has created a whole new wing of zombies with senses and emotions called the Alphas. We even have a one-eyed Zombie tiger waiting for our zombie killing gang. While the movie is packed with these little surprises and unexpected twists, it travels mostly through familiar genre conventions and the run time of 2.30 hrs may give a little too long feel.

The movie has an ensemble cast and everyone shoed in perfectly into their roles. The production design team and VFX team has combined well to give a post apocalyptic look to the city of Las Vegas, but the ruined-but-still standing Statue of Liberty surely is borrowed from The Planet of Apes(1968) end scene. The soundtracks used were quite the right mix old and new tunes. The opening credits rolled with “Viva Las Vegas” with Scott Ward and the zombie killing team at war with the zombies sets the tone of the movie. Snyder brilliantly used cover versions of “Bad moon Rising” and “the End”. Listening to the acoustic version of “Zombie” from Cranberries with the ruins of Las Vegas in the background was quite a spectacle just before the end credits rolled. For me, Snyder has totally perfected the visuals and these tracks and it was very hard not to fall in love with.

Army of the dead may be a little too long for its mindless fun, but it is not short of action, fun, unexpected twists accompanied by some cool tracks and splendid VFX serving the purpose for what it is made. But the ones who always seek for a moral in any movie might have to be satisfied with “Don’t give a blowjob while driving” as a possible moral from the movie!!

By sreenathjvm

I am a healthcare professional. An ardent movie lover. Writing about movies forever has been an obsession.

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