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Xtreme (2021): Hard-boiled, adrenaline pumping action thriller!!

Directed by Daniel Benmayor, Xtreme (Xtremo: spanish title) is a spanish revenge thriller with hard-boiled, adrenaline pumping action sequences, some of the best I have watched recently!! A retired hitman Maximo teams up with his step-sister and a troubled teen to avenge the killings of their family by a common enemy, none other than his own step-brother!

Xtreme starts with a business deal between two crime families in Barcelona with Lucero leading the charge for his family and Maximo, on his last job before retiring, assisting him. Lucero sabotages the deal which should have been an easy exchange between the two parties and kills everyone in the opposite party after a severe gun battle. Lucero after arguments with his father kills him and his sister Maria flees the scene. Lucero sends Maximo home with retirement wishes, only for him to be walking into a setup laid by Lucero’s henchmen. Maximo escapes but his son gets killed. Maximo goes in hiding and after 2 years of exile he is planning for a revenge on Lucero along with Maria, who rescued him earlier, and Leo, a local streat drug dealer teen who happens to be on the receiving end from Lucero’s men.

We get a sense of skills in Maximo’s armoury in the early scenes and his exploits while rescuing Leo from the clasps of the drug peddling gang. These instances build the hope even though we know how dangerous and leathal Lucero is. The narrative follows the classic three act structure and the first two acts sets it up perfectly for the third act, resolution, in which Maximo meets Lucero for the revenge.

The action sequences are quite breathtaking and can even remind you of action epitomes like the John Wick series. Though the story is flaws through familiar territories of a revenge thriller, the action, stylized violence, and visual flamboyance makes it exhilarating. There were not only gun fights, martial arts and kungfu on show, the actors even use bolt cutters, cutting knives, car seat belts etc. and every action sequence is done with such finesse.

Teo Garcia is perfect as Maximo, in a role which doesn’t need too many array of emotions but that constant desire for revenge is constantly visible in him. Oscar Jaenada as Lucero was totally badass and invited every bit of our hatred onto him. Andrea Duro as Maria matches her fellow actors in action scenes, even though there were only a very few of those. Oscar Cases has more to do in terms of acting compared to others and he is a perfect shoe-in as Leo.

Though Xtreme doesn’t have too much to offer in terms of freshness, its action sequences are quite breathtaking and are done with so much expertise. It simply is a must watch for action movie lovers!!

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I am a healthcare professional. An ardent movie lover. Writing about movies forever has been an obsession.

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