Fatherhood(2021) : Clichéd yet heartwarming!

We all have certain cinematic moments which triggers our emotional tenders. We just know we are going to get emotionally manipulated, but still we love it!! Father-daughter relationship in a movie is one such trigger moment for me and what I got here is a typical one at that. Fatherhood tells the story of Mathew Logelin, a single father who raises his baby girl after his wife dies a day after her daughter’s birth. The movie is based on the story, ‘Two kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of loss and love’ written by real life Mathew Logelin.

Against his family’s general opinion of the kid growing with her grand parents, Matt decides to bring up his baby girl Maddy on his own and has to become her father and mother while doing his job at a firm. From changing the diapers to tackling the midnight crying spells, Matt struggles to adjust to his new life. You can even see him giving presentations at the office with the baby in his hand. How Matt grows as a parent and will he be able to put his social life back on track form the central themes of the movie which is told in a heart-warming and fun filled way by Director Paul Weitz who has co-written the script with Dana Stevens.

The storyline and each development in the story move through familiar routes and are mostly predictable. What the movie could have shown are Maddy growing to be an adolescent, the conflict that brings on the table, and Matt’s internal dilemas while bringing up her into adulthood etc. But the makers probably wanted to keep it a light-hearted one and have done it while keeping the poignancy of the narrative intact for the most part.

Kevin Hart has shown his emotional side in this movie with plenty of heart and has cake walked through the funny side of Matt as quite rightly you would expect him to do. Lovely little Melody Hurd as Maddy has done her part quiet well. Dewanda wise appears as Matt’s new girlfriend Lizzie Swan and the pair has provided a handful of beautiful moments in the movie in a limited time. Alfre Woodard as Matt’s mother in law has also done a notable feat.

Fatherhood probably hits pretty much every cinematic clichés in a father-daughter relationship drama, but surely gives a lot of heart warming moments with a fun filled narrative and a different version of Kevin Hart. Surely watch it if you are ready to remind you why cinematic clichés exist at all!!

By sreenathjvm

I am a healthcare professional. An ardent movie lover. Writing about movies forever has been an obsession.

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