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Aarkkariyam (2021) : A slow burner that grows on you !!

Aarkkariyam (2021) is cinematographer Sanu Varghese’s first outing as a director. Movie revolves around couples Sherly and Roy and their return home after the covid-19 pandemic broke them financially. Sherly’s father Ittiyavara is ready to sell his property for helping them financially but they must overcome an issue with the property in time before selling […]


Hidden Details and references in Aarkkariyam(2021)

*****Warning***** Heavy spoilers ahead!! **** Please don’t read if you haven’t watched the movie already***** As discussed in my review about Aarkkariyam, I have found the movie quite remarkable on my second watch. There were plenty of hidden details and minute expression changes from characters which I found quite fascinating and here, I am noting […]