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The Old Guard(2020)

A highly rewarding, action-packed super-hero flick with Charlize Theron in fine form!!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Old Guard tells the story of a group of immortals, lead by Andy, who uses their gift to save people in whatever way they can. The group of four, consisting of Booker, Joe and Nicky, have quickly regenerating tissues and they don’t get old like the Wolverine of X-Men. They are welcoming a new member to their group of fighters, a young US Marine named Nile Freeman, while a group of scientists are on a quest to capture them to acquire their gifts and make it available to all.

Directed by Gena Prince-Bythewood, the movie is action-packed and pacy like any other super-hero flick. But the characters seem more close to us and grounded with no flashy costumes or sophisticated weapons. They all seem to be normal human beings but with that special gift which they didn’t get by choice. And for them, their immortality is not a gift but their inability to die. However, they have helped the humanity over the years from the clutches of the bad guys and destruction. The passage of play in which Nile realising she has the healing power is touchingly told, highlighting the underlying human element in the story which is otherwise packed with kiss-ass action and slick narration.

One can’t ignore the progressive minds of the makers here, who placed a couple of gay super-heroes, probably for the first time in the history of super-hero movies. We have a commanding lady boss in Andy(Charlize Theron) and the most loveable character in Nile Freeman(Kiki Layne). The scenes involving Charlize and Kiki were the highlights of the movie, be it their fight inside the plane or their emotionally powerful interactions.

We know the versatility of Charlize over the years, an actress who delivered the oscar winning performance with Monster(2003). But I simply love the energy she brings in when it comes to an action flick, it was no different here. She continues from where she left off at Mad Max: Fury road(2015) and Atomic Blonde(2017), elevating the movie all together with her powerful performance. Kiki Layne was superb as the vulnerable, and loveable Nile Freeman with all other actors contributing with noteworthy performances.

The cinematography by Tami Reiner and Barry Ackroyd has some brilliant visuals to offer here, be it the dark sequences or the bright visuals outdoors. The background scores and the tracks, I felt, were really good but jarringly misplaced in the movie. But the end credit track along with some of the clips were quite brilliant and we probably are going to have another instalment from the franchise going by those clips.

To conclude, The Old Guard is a highly rewarding action flick with Charlize Theron in fine form.

Language : English, Streaming On : Netflix

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