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Don’t f**k with cats: Hunting an Internet killer (2019)

I am not someone who is into the documentaries or docuseries and have started this one as I have been receiving a lot of suggestions lately. For starters, this series is strictly not for the softhearted as it contains some gruesome videos and CCTV footages. It depicts the true story of a group of Internet geeks who sets on a mission to hunt down a serial killer.

When a horrific video of a man killing a couple of kittens (1 boy, 2 kittens) becomes viral in the Internet, a Facebook group of animal lovers is formed and a few of them decides to hunt down the maniac, whatever it takes. Their investigation reaches Luka Magnotta, a maniac who is desperate for public attention. But things get out of hand when he releases more videos and they realise the lunatic will soon turn onto humans as his preys. While some of the visuals are disturbing and hard to sit through, what makes it engaging is the slick editing of the visuals and the highly procedural manhunt lead by a group of Internet geeks acting as detectives when authorities turn a blind eye on their work. The story is told through the computer screens, graphics, facebook and other web pages with inputs from the aforementioned computer geeks and the investigating officers who handled the case of Luca Magnotta.

The makers often stress here that the killer is doing all the ghastly crimes for attention and an infamous-celebrity status. But ironically, they did the same by giving the killer that mileage by making a series like this. So if you see this from an ethical point of view, you can get confused about the motive of the makers. Even they ask us, the viewers, to self examine our intrigue to watch this. And the makers for some reason opted not to show too much about the victim of this maniac, which might have dent the comprehensiveness of this docuseries. But for anyone who loves crime investigations and mysteries it brings, this will be an engaging watch.

It consists of three episodes of an hour length and it is more than likely that you will end up binge watching this. What Don’t F**k with Cats has done to me is that I now realise I should start watching more docuseries from here on.

Language : English,       Streaming on : Netflix

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