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Dil Bechara(2020)

Dil Bechara might have got affected in its transition to an Indian premise, but it surely is Sushant’s wonderful final act with some fine scores from ARR !!

As the country mourns the demise of one of its finest young actors, we get the chance to enjoy Sushant Singh Rajput for one last time in a new avatar through Dil Bechara. It is the adaptation from John Green’s best seller The fault in our stars, which was already adapted brilliantly in 2014 Hollywood movie by the same name. Here, Augustus Waters becomes Manny aka Immanuel Rajkumar Junior, and Hazel Grace becomes Kizie Basu in the Mukesh Chhabra directed Bollywood version. Initially titled as Kizie and Manny, the name of the movie was changed only recently to Dil Bechara which has been chosen from the lyrics penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya for the title track as it goes well with the theme of the movie.

Manny and Kizie are two cancer-affected teenagers who meets at a cancer rehab Centre. Kizie is fighting thyroid cancer while Manny has lost his leg to bone cancer and is in remission. Manny has a carefree attitude and is a big Rajnikanth fan, while Kizie is entirely the opposite character, who’s often gloomy and is on the verge of giving up. Manny’s charm and the pleasantness he brings along, change Kizie’s perspective of life as they form an everlasting bond. Their poignant relationship and them embarking on a journey to Paris to meet Kizie’s favourite musician Abhimanyu Veer Singh make the crux of the story.

Sushant is Manny here and Sanjana Sanghi is Kizie in her first major role. The chemistry of the lead pair along with some splendid tracks composed by AR Rahman breath life into the movie, which has otherwise been affected in the process of adaptation to an Indian premise. Sanjana Sanghi delivered a confident performance here; her Kizie had to be vulnerable and at times unswerving which is portrayed convincingly.

Sushant is everything that he is known for, charming in the initial sequences and compelling in the emotionally affecting climax scenes. The movie’s most emotional scenes come towards the end and it affects us even more when we realise the actor is not with us anymore. You need an iron-heart not to cry while watching the church-scene where Sushant hides his tears inside his trademark smile, while Kizie and JP reads their notes. It is not when he cries, it is when he smiles that it hits you hard evoking deepest of the movie emotions. The few of the dialogues may seem to be connected with Sushant’s real life somehow, making it harder for the viewers.

I think this is one of the best ARR albums which we got in a long time now. Every track is soulfully touching and the album probably is a fitting tribute to Sushant. The tracks ‘Taare Gin’, ‘Khulke Jeene ka’, ‘Maskhari’, ‘Mein Tumhara’ and the title track ‘Dil Bechara’ are all melodious and fascinating. And the latest buzz is that we are going to get the complete version of the ‘Never Say Goodbye’ which is played in the background as the end credits rolled along with Sushant’s stills.

As there is a previous adaptation of the story available and most of the movie lovers would have watched the original, it is easy to draw comparison and that’s where Dil Bechara is going to be affected most. The fault in our stars was near perfect when it comes to the believability of the characters and premises, while Dil Bechara depends mostly on the lead pair and the profound BGM and musical tracks. It loses the originality of the story at times in its translation to an indian version. Kizie’s mother being the prime example of that. She is an orthodox woman from Bengal and pretty old school type when it comes to the upbringing of her girl child or her relations. But later in the story when she is in Paris with Manny and Kizie you can see her playfully digging at them when they were out on a date, as if her outlook has changed all of a sudden.

To sum up, while Dil Bechara might be far from perfect, it surely fits as a wonderful final act from the late Sushant Singh Rajput. ‘Seri SSR, You were a brilliant actor and will be remembered through your charming roles portrayed in your brief stint here, though it is sad that we won’t be able to see you in your new avatars.’

Language: Hindi, Streaming on: Disney+ Hotstar

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