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Sound of Metal(2020)

A powerful drama in which the lead performance and the remarkable sound design stands tall among all the other great aspects of the movie.

Riz Ahmed portrays Ruben, a heavy metal drummer, who loses his hearing overninght. The whole world turns upside down for him, with his career, love-life and everything he ever dreamt, stands in front of him posing big question marks. Riz was simply outstanding in bringing subtilty to the internal turmoils of Ruben and at the same time was explosively expressive in some scenes which demanded it.

Director Darius Marder takes us inside the mind of Ruben and the sound designer Nicolas Becker has chipped in with his part to an enormous extend. Script may be slightly under written here, probably intentionally just to allow us to read through Ruben’s expressions.

A best example of all of these coming to brilliant effect is the scene where the doctor test Ruben’s supporting device a few weeks after his hearing implant surgery. We are put inside Ruben’s mind here and the joy of him going to hear the voices after all his struggles becomes our joy. This hope is built up by the screenplay to that stage and then it leaves it to Ruben’s expressions and the sound design. We hear what Ruben hears. Our heart breaks when the clip played by doctor is not heard properly, we close our ears along with Ruben when it is noisy. In the climax scene when Ruben removes the hearing aid, we enjoy the silence just like Ruben. I can’t remember a movie which has used sound design to these levels.

A powerful drama about heartbreak, hope and ultimate realisation ‘sound of metal’ can boast of its remarkable use of sound design and a towering lead performance.

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