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Naayattu (2021)

Martin Prakkat’s latest outing ‘Naayattu’ is a police story revolving around 3 officers who are on the run after being framed as the murderers of a dalit man.

Initial sequences established the characters and then movie turns to a taut thriller. The makers were successful in building the tension right until the very end and concludes with a very realistic climax.

Shahi Kabir’s script is tightly written just like his previous outing Joseph and has used all his experience as an ex-cop. While Joseph contributed to the negativity surrounding the organ donation as a whole and rightly invited all the controversy, the script of Nayaattu is near perfect.

I have seen many blaming that the movie put forward an anti-dalit stand. But if you ask me, it shows how the dalit politics is often being hijacked by the politicians, system and media for their benefits. It shows the puppeteering of police by the politicians and higher officials among police force. You can see Maniyan cook up evidence to arrest a man as per his higher officer’s order. But the same police force turns against him by charging him and the other officer duo with murder in an accident case when the political climate suited. Granted !! A Dalit party/ vote bank won’t not be able to impact a Kerala Election as shown in the movie, but no one can deny the above mentioned fact that Dalit politics is often hijacked by using the word Dalit in many unwanted instances. All the more importantly, the real issues or atrocities faced by Dalit are often ignored by politicians and media alike.

Apart from the taut script and the making, Shyju Khalid’s DOP stands out; be it the initial sequences inside the police station, the fight sequence inside the station that followed or the scenic beauty of Munnar in the later sequences.

The acting department led by Joju, Kunjacko Boban, and Nimisha excelled as always and aptly supported by the supporting cast. Yama Gilgamesh as SP Anuradha is worth a special mention and it was emotional to see Anil Nedumangad in his last Avatar.

Probably the best in the genre in the last few years, Nayaattu is a  must watch crime/survival thriller !!

Language. : Malayalam
Streaming on : Netflix

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