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Greyhound (2020)

An intense, realistic World War II drama with a tightly packed 90 minute runtime.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Directed by Aaron Schneider and written by Tom Hanks himself, Greyhound depicts one of the initial involvements of US in the World War II in early 1942, during the battle of Atlantic. The Germans deposited large number of U-boats to disrupt the convoys of supplies between US and Britain. US Navy commander Ernest Krause is on his first war time duty in command of a war-ship codenamed Greyhound, along with two British war ships, escorting 37 allied ships carrying the supplies. When the fight between the warships and the German Wolfpack of U-boats are at its peak, Krause has to keep his calm while commanding a visibly tensed crew.

Spending most of its run time in deep Atlantic Ocean, the movie is totally packed with intense naval combat. There won’t be time to take your eyes of the screen as the viewer will have to deal with the fast on-screen running notes, the quickly changing visuals and loads of jargon from the Captain. It often fails to connect emotionally as Krause yelling his commands to his crew members covers most of the screen time and it sometimes felt as replaying a previous instance in the movie. This is where Tom Hanks and his brilliantly controlled act comes to the rescue.

Hanks once again thrives in his role as a captain after Captain Philips and Sully. He never steps a foot wrong as Ernest Krause, someone who fights his own inner fears and doubts on his first war mission while winning the trust of his crew and allies. He carries the film in most parts and often eliminates the flows of the movie.

The visuals and production design are terrific, in fact the ship used for the shooting is an actual ship from a museum adding to the realism on show here. The background score is used heavily to create the aura of tension. I wonder how great a theater experience it would have been, had the makers were able to release it in theaters as planned.

Though Greyhound is an intense, realistic war drama with a brilliant set and visuals, it fails to connect emotionally. Much to my liking the makers never resort to jingoism. Chances are that you will like the movie as a whole because of its pacy editing and Tom Hanks’ presence.

Language : English, Streaming On : Apple tv+

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